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Since 1948, The Orient Unicornn group have been proud purveyors of the finest quaIity diaries and calendars .This group which is based in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu has a well – deserved reputation for the perfection and finesse that characterize their products and as such are one of the most respected names in the printing industry. Their trademark stamp is the uncompromising standards, customer – centric approach, and use of cutting – edge technology which has made them one of the front runners in their chosen field.

The Orient Unicornn group takes immense pride in the high standard of it’s products, timely delivery and ability to ensure maximum satisfaction and value for money to customers. With a commitment towards continued excellence and in the interest of innovation, the Orient Color Art Printers Private Limited is constantly evolving to stay at the top of the game, ahead of their competitors. The latest technologies are continuously being implemented to heighten efficiency and maximize production. Existing facilities have been remodelled and revamped, printing equipment of the highest quality has been invested in and our export base has undergone massive expansion. This ensures that the final product is a perfect work of art in the same manner as the preceding six decades.

Printing Machine
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Every diary and calendar that comes out of our factories is exquisitely crafted. The emphasis is on style and utility which makes for a classy combination. Creative, designs and painstaking attention to detail ensures that the final product is remarkable in every way. We cater to a vast clientele. Products combine old – world charm with a contemporary edge and are customized to meet the needs of customers taking their budgets and requirements into consideration.

What sets the Orient Unicornn group apart is our dedication towards our customers whom we consider to be invaluable for their unwavering faith in us over the years. Their satisfaction is of paramount importance and we give their printing needs top priority.We put our skill, expertise and experience at the disposal of our clients both old and new. The Orient Color Art Printers Private Ltd can always be counted on to deliver our signature “Orient Unicornn” diaries and calendars just the way you ordered them. We guarantee our customers will be very happy with our products and always return to us for more !