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The Orient Unicornn based in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu are the purveyors of the finest diaries and calendars in the world since 1948, and valued as master craftsmen in the field of printing. With a strong emphasis on high standards, perfect quality and regards for customer needs, the group has earned a reputation for being the best in the business and takes pride in being well ahead of the print pack.

Thanks to painstaking attention to detail and commitment to constant innovation, the Orient Color Art Printers Private Limited continues to maintain a high standard.of excellence with regular renovation as well as incorporation of the latest upgrades. Ultra-modern facilities, state of the art printing equipment with brand new binders, fully automated machinery, and an ever expanding export base are notable features. Ingenious measures are continuously being implemented to maximize production, enhance efficiency, and to guarantee top notch results. The world class quality of our products, timely delivery and ability to ensure maximum satisfaction for customers is the USP of the Orient Unicornn Group.

Printing Machine
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Every diary, book and calendar that bears the stamp of the Orient Unicornn group is exquisitely crafted bearing in mind the demands of aesthetic appeal as well as utility. Inventive designs that combine classic elegance with contemporary flair ensures that the end result is the epitome of excellence. Products are customized to meet the needs of customers taking their personal or professional requirements and budgets into consideration, without compromising on quality or service.

On account of the impact of covid -19 and the global pandemic, the past year has been a detail one for many. At the Orient Unicornn group, we soldiered on, doing our utmost to take care of our employees as well as customers. Having secured the requisite permits from the government, we have implemented stringent safety and health protocol measures, while minimizing direct contact with the goods and amongst employees. .Thanks to our top-of-the -line equipment, the product line is almost entirely machine oriented and we are ready to march into a Post covid world with the same commitment and dedication that has come to define us.

The Orient Color Art Printers Private Limited are delighted to place at your disposal over six decades of skill, expertise and an unswerving dedication towards taking care of all of your printing needs and fulfilling them to perfection. Become proud owners of our eco-friendly “Orient Unicornn” diaries and calendars today!